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I'm Glad you are here! Hats off to our veterans. 

Celebrate with us if you are an active member or have a family member serving in the military.

Remember Veteran Day November 11, 2022 USA

Armed Forces Medley

Armed Forces Medley with Lyrics - A Tribute to the Armed Services

Armed Forces Medley

(1)The U.S. Coast Guard song, "Semper Par

(2)The U.S. Air Force song, "The U.S. Air Force" or "The Wild Blue Yonder"

(3)The U.S. Navy song, "Anchors Aweigh"

 (4)The U.S. Marine Corps song, "The Marines' Hymn"

 (5)The U.S. Army song, "The Army Goes Rolling Along"


Special Salute To Our Veterans At Home And Abroad. We Appreciate Your Service!

Today in Ukraine, many people struggle to survive, and older ones often see the breakdown of the Soviet System as a loss of stability and security for average people. 

Let's pray for Ukraine.

Support The People Of Ukraine By Joining Our leaders In Action Group As We Learn To Face Tomorrow With New Found Faith. 

Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated.

We Support Ukraine And Those Who Are Searching For A Better Way At Home And Abroad.

We Appreciate Our Veterans And Those Willing To Help Others Discover A Better Way!!!

The Better Way Is Here 

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